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728 Misfits

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Apart from the main band, Balzac is also well known in the scene for their multiple side-projects who mainly consist on the same members of the band playing on a different style or under an specific theme.

The origins of this band date back to the year of 2004 when Balzac first released a CD entitled "Zodiac Killer" under the name of Zodiac and even going further by playing live events under that name too. Both the name and lyrics of the band, as well as the merchandise, are based in the famous
North American serial killer know as the Zodiac Killer. This cold-blooded assassin gained much recognition for his cruel killings and encrypted letters that sent both to the police and newspapers. He was never caught. On 2006 the band created the Zodiac Fan Club (Z.F.C.), and off-shoot of the Fiendish Club dedicated to the new band and only available for Japanese
residents, they also released the first and so far only full-length album, "Beware On Halloween". The musical style of Zodiac's song have the same sound and style as old Balzac songs during the first years of existence of the later band. As they do with Balzac, the band has also released toys and clothing under the Zodiac's name and image.

The Deranged Mad Zombies
The Deranged Mad Zombies, like Zodiac, is a band composed by the same members of Balzac and first appeared on 2006. The name came come from various influences of singer/songwriter Hirosuke. "Deranged" is the title of one of his favorite movies. "Mad" derives from the name of one of his favorite Japanese bands, the
Mad Capsule Markets and "Zombies" is taken from The Misfits song "Astrozombies". More than a side-project, this band is an experiment by the band members who felt like doing it just for fun. All the songs released under this name are in fact Balzac songs, mixed down rougher and trashier, giving each song a more of a lo-fi and under-produced sound. For the full-length album the band launched under this moniker they kept their identities hidden using nicknames and showing no track list and band photo in the package. Only 20 copies of the self-titled CD were pre-ordered before the fans found that this was in fact Balzac in disguise. So far the band has released two more albums and one official bootleg under this name.

728 Misfits: NANIWA Misfits
728 Misfits, also known as Naniwa Misfits, is a Misfits-cover band formed by the same members of the Japanese horror punk band, Balzac. This is the less known side-project of the band and the only one without any official release. So far Balzac has kept this band only for special and rare live events, without any know plans on releasing anything using this alter-ego. Around the Internet on p2p programs can be found a bootleg containing a rehearsal of this band, as well as a bootleg video of their famous live event in Molotov Club in

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